Greg Clarke


Chicago Lit Fest Poster

JULY 10, 2013

I seem to get a lot of these book/reading related assignments (not that I'm complaining). This is an annual event in Chicago (Noah Woods created last year's beautiful poster design). I was asked to try and incorporate the iconic Dearborn Station clock tower (the neighborhood where the event takes place), and/or the "L" train. AD: David Syrek.


Adventures in Facial Hair

MAY 24, 2013

One of the things I love about drawger is that the posts run the gamut from the socially/politically trenchant to the sublimely inconsequential—I believe this would fall into the latter category (well...maybe not the sublime part). And the timing worked out for Bob D's birthday. This is for the June "guys" issue of 805 Living Magazine.

But Is It Art?

MAY 2, 2013
805 Living Magazine AD: Lynne Andujar

Yes, the artist references are not exactly au courant, but this was created for an "Arts & Culture" themed issue of a local publication in the 'burbs—had to stick with reasonably recognizable names...

The Amazing Raymond

JANUARY 10, 2013

Just before the holidays, I was asked by my friend Stuart Karten (industrial designer extraordinaire), to create a wine label for a custom-bottling through Eric Kent Wine Cellars as a gift for one of his clients. The brief was brief:

"He's an amazing guy and his name is Ray—can you work with that?"

He also sent me some photo reference of Ray on a fishing trip, so I included a sketch with a fish because it looked so absurd. To my surprise, the fish sketch was the winner (apparently the fish had some deeper significance to Ray—but I won't go into that here).

An added bonus—this is one very good syrah (as are all of the Eric Kent offerings)!