Political Fact-Checkers

OCTOBER 25, 2012

This piece accompanied an excellent article by David Corn in the Sept/Oct issue of Mother Jones (the one with Mr. Stephanos' fine cover). This blithe disregard for facts on the part of politicians was on full display from both candidates in the recent presidential debates...

SoCal Tans

AUGUST 17, 2012

This is a piece I pitched to Los Angeles Magazine a few months ago that missed the final cut for their summer issue. I'm still waiting to hear back from Melanin Monthly...


More V-Day...

FEBRUARY 14, 2012
A Town & Country piece a while back on the delicate art of gift-gifting. AD: Frank Augugliaro
This appeared in Sunday's Wall Street Journal with a Katherine Rosman article about the always sensitive issue of how much to spend on such a blatantly commercialized holiday. AD: Mark Tyner.